About us

Our is a real estate brokerage, trading and renting company.

Born on December 5, 1986, his first home is in the heart of Florence, on Via dell'Oriolo 23, opposite the Oblate Garden.

Since 1990, we have purchased the current 120 square meter apartment in a convent of the '600 in Via delle Ruote 31, always in the historic center of our beloved Florence.

We have not changed our seat and the two partners are still the same as in 1986, Sandro and Tomaso.

Gestimm is not the usual real estate agency, since it has always been involved in real estate management, raising the owner from all bureaucratic and fiscal duties, and also from those with tenants.

This has allowed our company to create an important pool of customers who believe in our work and puts us in their personal confidence. This has allowed us to become such an important landmark for property owners.

our strength is Fairness and Honesty.